The process of a quick digital illustration.

illustration, illustrator, sketch, drawing, austin, texas,I wanted to do a quick illustration of my soon-to-be wife who I love dearly.  She runs a fairly large corporation and wears many hats.  I always am calling her a princess so I thought it would cool to capture her as I would imagine her as a child being bossy.  In this article I wanted to show the process of creating a quick illustration from concept to finish.

First off, I am using the Cintiq 22HD Graphics Display to illustrate on my MAC.  I highly recommend this great tool which you can learn more about at

I started with a quick gesture drawing using a light blue color.  This layer does not need to be perfect but is essential to find and understand the spacial relations of the drawing.  As you can see by the lines it took a bit to get the desired pose.

The next step was to ink the drawing.  Creating a new layer above the sketch layer I took a wider brush and using black traced over the lines I thought were important.  This is obviously rough and some lines aren’t perfect.  Once completed I could move on to the coloring.

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Creating yet a new layer, I started coloring the flesh tones and pinks I wanted to add to this illustration. Once again, this was completed fairly quickly and adding one more layer I created both highlights and shadows.  In most cases I might even make these two different layers.  Lastly, I added a cartoon speech bubble to finish off the drawing.








I had fun with this quick sketch and hopefully this helps anyone out there who is curious about illustrating on a computer.

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