Convince Your Clients to be on Facebook.

Do the Research.

Research is very important when trying to convince your clients to be on Facebook.  When doing your research, focus on 3 areas: Case studies of similar businesses having success on Facebook, market research and Facebook’s future projections.

  • Case studies:  Find examples of other businesses having success on Facebook.  These stories of success can be major motivators in convincing a client to switch over.  Success stories can provide much needed proof that businesses can earn a profit from Facebook.
  • Market Research: If you know the demographic of your client’s target market, do the math and figure out what percentage of them are on Facebook.  Use the website to figure out Facebook user statistics.
  • Facebook future projections: Your client wants to feel secure in their investments.  With one billion active users, Facebook is by far the leading tool in Social Media and is going nowhere.

Show the Numbers

Think like your client.  Create an Excel spreadsheet or Word document to show your client the time and money needed to maintain a company Facebook page.

  • How many hours a week will it take to maintain the page?
  • How much does it cost to create a professional looking Facebook page? Do you plan to run Facebook ads?
  • What are their goals and how much do they want to spend?

Discuss the Risks

Creating a company Facebook page is very low on the risk meter because it costs nothing.  However, your client may be worried about other risk factors.

For businesses, the main risk is transparency.  Customers can now leave positive or negative feedback on your client’s company Facebook page.  To address this risk, have a crisis management plan in effect to make your client feel comfortable on how you will address such issues.

Propose a Testing Period

If your client still isn’t confident, plan a testing period.  Set up a company Facebook page for them for free (no less than 60 days is suggested).  If your testing period is a success, more than likely your client will feel much more confident in joining Facebook.

Facebook is a worthwhile investment for any company.  To convince your clients to add a company page it may take a lot of research and time.  Show them the data that with some time is easily found, have a conversation with them and comfort their fears and if that fails offer a testing period.

Do You Own a Company Needing a Facebook Page?

If you own a small or a large business you may be in need of a company Facebook page.  9 Gears Media in Austin can help you make your company more visible on the web.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for your social media needs.


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